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U.S. Hi-Tech Ind. Corp. is now an authorized distributor of Mizobe™ Bolts. These patented bolts are highly regarded and can be looked at as a cost savings measure for any company currently buying ancillary torsion devices, thread locking adhesives, or extra locking components to stabilize connection between bolted units.

These bolts can be purchased in any standard shape and size and will maintain a strong self-locking connection after repeated use. The other benefits to this patented bolt design are noise reduction; relieved torsional stress (which is evenly distributed throughout the engaged portion of the bolt); noise reduction because of reduced vibration; and a relative increase in strength by 20-50% (due to the evenness of the bolt engagement along is connecting surface).

Adding to these benefits is the fact that no special tools, dies, or taps are needed to accommodate use of these fasteners. They are inserted just as any other standard bolt, but offer many more benefits at excellent prices. Please call us today for more information and samples.

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