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U.S. Hi-Tech Industries can supply the metals that you need. We have the experience to get you the aluminum, brass, bronze, or copper that you require. We have listed the mil-specifications for some of the metals below. Rods, bars, plates, sheets, tubes, pipes, and channels are all available. We can supply your needs and have the experience to source and get you the product in the size you require.

ASTM-B16-85 QQ-A-200/6 QQ-A-200/15 QQ-A-225/7
ASTM-B21-90 QQ-A-200/7 QQ-A-200/16 QQ-A-225/8
ASTM-B171-91A QQ-A-200/8 QQ-A-225/1 QQ-A-225/9
QQ-A-200/1 QQ-A-200/9 QQ-A-225/2 QQ-A-225/10
QQ-A-200/2 QQ-A-200/11 QQ-A-225/3 QQ-A-250/1
QQ-A-200/3 QQ-A-200/12 QQ-A-225/4 QQ-A-250/2
QQ-A-200/4 QQ-A-200/13 QQ-A-225/5 QQ-A-250/3
QQ-A-200/5 QQ-A-200/14 QQ-A-225/6 QQ-A-250/4
QQ-A-250/5 QQ-A-250/12 QQ-A-250/21 QQ-A-250/29
QQ-A-250/6 QQ-A-250/13 QQ-A-250/22 QQ-A-250/30
QQ-A-250/7 QQ-A-250/14 QQ-A-250/24 QQ-C-530
QQ-A-250/8 QQ-A-250/15 QQ-A-250/25 QQ-C-576
QQ-A-250/9 QQ-A-250/18 QQ-A-250/26  
QQ-A-250/10 QQ-A-250/19 QQ-A-250/27  
QQ-A-250/11 QQ-A-250/20 QQ-A-250/28